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  中国国际文化出版社是一家面向全球华人地区,致力于全球华人文化事业的研究、推广与传播的综合性图书出版发行机构 , 总部设在香港 . 本社现已出版多种类别图书及成功出版多部大型人物名典 , 部分优秀书刊被中国国家图书馆、香港政府图书馆、泰国图书馆、大英图书馆、美国国会图书馆等世界著名资讯机构收藏、展示。

  本社图书出版选题涉及文化教育、文学美术、社会科学、经济管理及学术论著等诸多领域,发行范围包括台、港、澳及其海外华人地区。随着中国加入 WTO ,本社已呈现出越来越旺盛的发展势头 , 相信在广大读者的热心支持下 , 今后将进一步迅速发展,铸造辉煌!


Brief Introduction:

  China International Culture Press Limited is a comprehensive books publishing and issuing organization , which faces global Chinese area, devotes to the research 、 popularization and spread of the global Chinese cultural undertakings, its headquarter is set up in Hong Kong. This organization has published many kinds of books, and succeeds in publishing lots of large-scale personage's famous masterpieces, some of the outstanding books and periodicals have been collected and shown by many world-famous information organization such as: China National Library, The Hong Kong Government Library, Thai Library, The British Library, Library of US Congress and so on.

  This organization's books publishing selected titles are related to a great deal of fields such like: culture and education, fine arts of literature, social science, economic management, academic treatise etc. Its issuing range includes Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas Chinese area. As China joins WTO, this organization has appeared more and more vigorous growth momentum, and under the enthusiastic support of the masses of readers, it will develop rapidly further in the future, casting brilliant future!

  The board of directors and all staff members of this organization welcome cordially the exchange and cooperation with the masses of colleagues at home and abroad!